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Kieran Anthony Archuleta

Kieran Anthony Archuleta
  • February 12, 1995 - August 1, 2011
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pause Growing Up by Bruce H. Zimmerman (ASCAP)
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Memories & Candles

“Kiernan,I don't know if you remembered me in your last years, after we spent so many years apart. I learned of your passing several years ago when I...Read More »
1 of 44 | Posted by: Trisha L

“Mey Kieran,I miss you at the dopiest times - when I saw a sailboat and a rainbow & wished you could have seen it. When I see a karate lessons...Read More »
2 of 44 | Posted by: Nova Morrisette - Decatur, GA

“Thinking about you today Kieran. I miss the way you could always make me laugh just from a look. You're always in my head and heart. ”
3 of 44 | Posted by: Lauren Smith - Albuquerque, NM

“Love always ”
4 of 44 | Posted by: Nova Morrisette - Family

“I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories of Kieran. ”
5 of 44 | Posted by: Jim Lepow - Tucson, AZ

“Ha Kieran and familymembers,It is sad you felt to leave six years ago. My journey was rather similare to yours though I survived with council and...Read More »
6 of 44 | Posted by: M. Weber - Tzum - Friend

“I only recently discovered this obituary for Kieran. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years but I know his Dad, Mom, brother and sister still feel...Read More »
7 of 44 | Posted by: Sandy Archuleta - Albuquerque, NM

“Hey ”
8 of 44 | Posted by: Nova Morr - Family

“Thinking of everyone ”
9 of 44 | Posted by: Nova

“Remembering ”
10 of 44 | Posted by: Nova

“Remembering you with love ”
11 of 44 | Posted by: Nova

This is a photo of Kieran, Skyler, and Andrew that I took about eight years ago. --Cassidy Maisel “Dear Kieran, You are dearly missed and not forgotten. You were a wonderful and valuable person, and Skyler and I miss your friendship very much....Read More »
12 of 44 | Posted by: The Maisels - Albuquerque, NM

“Fly high and rest easy <3 ”
13 of 44 | Posted by: Tara Stover - Columbus, OH

“Ocean Part 2The good parts of life can sometimes now raise me, pulling me along or even lifting me with a swell to be almost above the water. ...Read More »
14 of 44 | Posted by: Mom

“Ocean Part 1I swim now, mostly just keeping my head above water. It is the essential state of my being, I don't really think about it, I just keep...Read More »
15 of 44 | Posted by: Mom

“My daughter Shannon was in JROTC with Kieran, so I attended his service and feel like I also, knew your dear son, just from the beautiful service and...Read More »
16 of 44 | Posted by: Lisa Nydoske - Albuquerque, NM

“Dear Kieran, I just found out about your passing away and it broke my heart. We were really good friends in elementary school and it fills...Read More »
17 of 44 | Posted by: Anthony Jason Bonney - NM

“Kieran, I have not forgotten you. I have known you since 1st grade. Me you and Andrew used to sit at the same table. We stayed the best of friends up...Read More »
18 of 44 | Posted by: Allana - Alb, NM - Old friend

“I am so sorry you have lost someone you love to suicide so have I there is no pain like it in the world. It is sad he was so young just a baby really. ”
19 of 44 | Posted by: Tony Barrett - London

“It's hard to believe it's almost been 11 months since his passing. I was in JROTC with kieran. Great kid. He had such a fun,wild personality to him....Read More »
20 of 44 | Posted by: Christina Ford - Albuquqerque, NM

“All my heartfelt condolences. x ”
21 of 44 | Posted by: Sheri

“hi I also lost my 18 years old son 8-4-11 from a car accident. sorry for the lost of kierans family. ”
22 of 44 | Posted by: vilma alfaro - Los angeles, CA

“He seemed to be a wonderful young man Wordscannot epres... ”
23 of 44 | Posted by: Maury

“I am so Sorry for your loss. Kieran is a very handsome young man. My prayers for your family . I lost my nephew to this silent killer as well. God...Read More »
24 of 44 | Posted by: Wanda Farmer - Rienzi, MS

“I miss you Kieran, I have known you since third or fourth grade at E.G. Ross. I met you and your father during a field day where we all played these...Read More »
25 of 44 | Posted by: Celina Gonzales - Albuquerque, NM

“Kieran, You may not be here but your memory is. We all miss you so much, why did you have to go? You were so friendly, even to people you just met....Read More »
26 of 44 | Posted by: Victoria Sarracino

“To be honest, i dont really know what to say.... Damn you were a great young man and i miss you dearly bro. I'll never forget the crap we went...Read More »
27 of 44 | Posted by: elias witz

“Any loss of human life is a tragedy. A suicide is an even huger loss, because the person had so much life left to live, and yet could not envision a...Read More »
28 of 44 | Posted by: TAS

“His presence at any occasion made everything better. He was a great, fun, heartfelt young man. R.I.P my friend. ”
29 of 44 | Posted by: Harley James Nelson - albuquerque, NM

Top of the Rockies “Many of us have been thinking of the impact Kieran has had on us and as result we have been setting goals to improve the way we interact with people...Read More »
30 of 44 | Posted by: Nova - Honolulu, HI - Aunt

“I've Known Kieran from JROTC. He sat next to me that whole year as the platoon guide. We talked the whole class! We both have the same humor and...Read More »
31 of 44 | Posted by: Jody Colton - Albuquerque, NM

Oh yes, the infamous smile. It took quite a while to coax a smile out of you and you posted it! “My friendship with Kieran began way back on MySpace where I first met him under the name of "Joker". We began casual chatting but eventually I began...Read More »
32 of 44 | Posted by: Lyle Jeff - Crownpoint, NM

“We never know the impact we leave on the ones who experience us. I will carry Kieran in my heart forever. ”
33 of 44 | Posted by: Kyle Tornow - seattle, WA

“Oh Kieran. I should have seen the signs. My beloved friend. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I loved your smile and the way you never...Read More »
34 of 44 | Posted by: Lyle Jeff - Crownpoint, NM

“Dear Family, I'm very sorry for your loss, you don't know me but I also lost a daughter six years ago to suicide she was only 16...Read More »
35 of 44 | Posted by: Twila Montoya

“Dear Archuleta family, With sincere sadness I write you this note, having just recently heard of Kieran's passing. No words can tell you how sorry...Read More »
36 of 44 | Posted by: Gretchen McKinney

“kieran, what an intelligent,caring warm-hearted young man. i will always remember every morning we were walking to school you will be missed, little...Read More »
37 of 44 | Posted by: Leonie Albertsen - Albuquerque, NM

“I remember the sweetest little cousin a girl could have. I enjoyed so much to talk to him because I loved our conversations together. He would...Read More »
38 of 44 | Posted by: Christy Sturgill - Cousin

“Kieran was an incredibly bright and engaging young man. His patience when explaining engineering, robotics and other hobbies to younger kids was a...Read More »
39 of 44 | Posted by: David A - Friend

“We will always keep you close in our hearts. ”
40 of 44 | Posted by: Sandy Archuleta - Aunt

“Being his sister's best friend I was kind of adopted into the family, he became the little brother I never had. When we were all little Kieran our...Read More »
41 of 44 | Posted by: Brittany Allan - albuquerque, NM

“The love I felt yesterday at the service, for both Kieran and his family, was huge and all encompassing, and I hope it helped in some small way to...Read More »
42 of 44 | Posted by: Terry Cutler-Broyles

“On behalf of my son, Denver Hoffman, a classmate, and his family, our deepest sympathies and prayers to you during this difficult time. ”
43 of 44 | Posted by: Cat Hubka

“On behalf of the French Family of Companies, we express our deepest condolences. ”
44 of 44 | Posted by: Faith Miner and French Wyoming Staff - NM

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Remembering Kieran

It wasn't easy getting Kieran into the world, sixteen years ago. It took a few years for his mom to get pregnant. Even then Kieran was reluctant to enter the world; he was 10 days late, and labor kept stalling. He was perfectly happy where he was.

When he was finally born his dad took ten weeks off from work to be with him and the family. It was a special time to bond with him but it wasn't long before his sister took over as his special mommy. Having looked at several photos over the last few days we noticed that many of them are of his sister holding and cuddling him. She had to have her little Kieran with her everywhere she went; they were as close as siblings could be.

Kieran's first few weeks were spent in wide-eyed wonder, soaking in everything about the world around him, always with a kind of intense and serious look on his face. Then when he was a month or two old that intense look turned to a face full of smiles and joy. He was the happiest most loving child you can imagine.

Kieran grew into a sweet, kind, considerate and intelligent person. Anyone who knew him could tell you this. He was a loyal friend, standing by you in any difficulty or handicap. He was a loving and helpful family member, and was so loved in return.

Kieran had so many things he did and was interested in. Early on he was crazy for dinosaurs, and he played T-ball and soccer. He became fascinated with robotics and how things work. He was always interested in science and nature. As he got a little older he joined karate and absolutely loved it. He loved to hang out with his brother's friends and talk with the older kids. He joined marching band and JROTC in high school, and these were very important activities for him. He loved to hunt and go to the shooting range, and was interested in weapons and munitions.

He was always captivated by conflagration. When he was very young, one night after a fireworks display he insisted on taking his little bag of firecrackers to bed with him, to sleep with them under his pillow since he couldn't bear to let go of them. At his parties and camping he greatly enjoyed having his camp fires.

Kieran had a quiet side as well. He enjoyed trying new teas, and cooking and music; rain and misty green forests. He would go on hikes up into the foothills and boil water on his tiny backpackers stove to make tea, drink a cup then head on back. He would go outside to feel the rain or walk in the fog. He grew plants from seeds of wildflowers. Around the house there was always a Kieran experiment of some kind or another going on. You never knew what you might find hiding in the freezer or sitting in the yard.

As many of you know, he loved to have parties. He would have friends over to play video games, dance, talk, sit in the hot tub, have a bonfire and tell stories. Kieran was a great story teller and could recite lines from movies and shows he had seen. His Grandma said "you really hadn't seen a movie until you heard it from Kieran!"

As a family we did so much together every year of his life. We often went camping, hiking and backpacking. He loved being in nature, the forest, the rocks, the high tundra and cold mountain lakes. He enjoyed rock climbing and wall climbing... he was the only kid we knew that we had to wipe his footprints off the walls and ceiling! One of his nick names was Spidey.

We built and launched multistage model rockets when he was younger. He loved them so much that his dad's great friend Pat called him "Rocket Boy" for a couple of years. He modified his toys to be rocket engine propelled, and designed his own fireworks and mini explosions.

We also went on trips quite often. His brother went to college in California so we spent a lot of time there the last few years. He liked California Adventure and the great redwoods. Disney World in Florida was a favorite, and Kieran would ride some really scary neck-breaking rides and would maintain a perfectly composed expressionless face. On our 25th wedding anniversary Kieran joined us for a cruise to Alaska. He enjoyed the different ports, kayaking, and the breathtaking scenery, but Ketchikan, where he rode a zip-line thru the rainforest canopy, was his favorite. He planned to return when he was 18 to work there for the summer, in one of the rainiest places in the world.

As a family we thought everything was good; everyone well and happy, mostly. There were times when Kieran was unhappy, and there were more times that he was happy, as it is with each of us. Looking back, we saw he had a darker side to his personality, evidenced in the video games to some extent, and by the stories and humor he seemed more recently drawn to. We worked to involve him more in the many other things he had always been interested in before; to go out and enjoy the outdoors, to visit new places, and to see movies or read books with more uplifting themes. We thought the low place he seemed to be in more often in the last few months would pass, as we loved and supported him as he found his way to adulthood.

We thought he did speak to us. We thought we did listen. We wish so very much we had recognized the signs of deeper sadness and fear. We wish so much we had listened harder, and found ways to help him truly communicate with us.

Right now we feel such loss we don't know how we can face each day. We are sharing this with you to help you remember to share with